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The Kaua'i Museum has partnered with Kamawaelualani and Kaua'i Dev to create immersive educational experiences and bring the Kaua'i Museum to life with XR (Extended Reality).

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Awakening of the Ancestors

The development of 6 virtual Kūpuna (ancestors) and a collection of virtual artifacts. These digital assets have been used to create 3 Augmented Reality exhibits in the museum and 2 Short Video Animations, allowing visitors to explore Kaua'i's history in a unique and engaging way. This series is just the beginning of a larger effort to bring more artifacts, ancestors, and mo'olelo into the virtual space, allowing visitors to experience Kaua'i's history in a whole new way.

Augmented Reality

3 Augmented Reality Exhibits

Group 8.png

Video Animations

Group 7.png

6 Virtual Kūpuna

Group 6.png



Awakening of the Ancestors - Kaua'i Museum Trailer
Kauai Dev

Awakening of the Ancestors - Kaua'i Museum Trailer

Augmented Reality

Reality Exhibits

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital content onto the physical world. It uses computer vision and other technologies to recognize objects in the real world and then overlay digital content on top of them. Museum AR is a type of augmented reality experience that allows visitors to explore and interact with museum exhibits in a totally new way. Using either a smartphone, Ipad, or AR glasses, visitors will be able to see elements within the museum come to life!

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