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Oldest son of King Kaumuali‘i


1798 - Kaua'i


May 3, 1826 - Honolulu

Humehume was the oldest son of King Kaumuali‘i and a mother of maka‘āinana status. Humehume was sent away at the age of six on board a ship to the United States to gain a western education. While on the United States continent, he fought in the war of 1812. He was treated horribly by some westerners and always longed to return home. Because of his dedication to Kaua‘i and his resiliency, Humehume returned home 16 years later, and prior to that, his father presumed him dead. He arrived to a Kaua‘i that was both similar and different than he remembered. Humehume was given a royal greeting by his father and the people of Kaua‘i before reconnecting with his place on Kaua‘i which like him, represented the old ways and the new.

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