Eugene Onio Punzal Classes

August and September 2022 // 1pm - 3pm

Ulana With Uncle Onio

August 10

Eat, Drink, and Weave Coconut






August 17

Scallop Basket Weaving

Aug. 24

Calabash Basket Weaving

Aug. 31

Cylinder Bowl Making

Sept. 7

Full Crown Coconut Papale

Sept. 21

Crownless Coconut Papale

Sept. 28

Cleaning Lauhala

In this class, the participants will be educated on the many uses of the
Coconut. We will then open a Green Coconut for drinking the water and
eating soft meat. We will then open up a brown Coconut, dehusk, then
shell cracked in half and have a chance to eat the hard coconut meat.
Then we will be grating of the coconut from the shell, and make coconut
milk. The making of Coconut Oil will be discussed. The weaving project will
be a Lightening Bold and the Hanapa’a Fish.

Participants will be making their own coconut basket.


Participants will be making the Calabash Style basket.



Yet another style of Coconut Basket.



Participants will make their own Coconut Hat.

Participants will make their own Crownless Papale

Introduction to Lauahala Weaving that will include leaf preparation.
Students are expected to bring their leaves to class, where we will inspect then go through the process of cleaning and prepping the leaves for weaving.